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The rules.

We don’t like rules. We wish we didn’t need to have them – but we do. There aren’t many though and they can really be summed up in just four simple rules.

The rules aren’t cast in stone or handed down from a higher being, so at times we might give a little wiggle room but so long as you treat everyone fairly, honestly and with good intention you will help us ensure that one day we can take these rules down and just rely on one another’s good judgement.

Rule #1: Don't be a dick.

We like to call this one the ‘Golden Rule’ and it should go without saying. There are a bunch of really common-sense things that we won’t tolerate: racism, sexism, bullying, threatening or abusive behaviour to name just a few. A full list of these can be found in the website terms and conditions along with the consequences but let’s face it – you know if you are being a dick… don’t do it.

Rule #2: Stay relevant

I love free Viagra as much as the next person but the comments section of an article about a lost cat is probably not the captive market you might imagine. Try to keep articles relevant to the Canberra region and discussion in comments or forums actually about the item they are attached to.

Rule #3: Keep it legal

If you break the law the police might make you look stupid on TV. You should probably not risk it.

Rule #4: Look after eachother

We can’t be everywhere all the time. If you see something that you think breaks the rules or is inappropriate then report it. Remember that INTHEACT is all about building a stronger community and that means keeping an eye out for eachother.